currently only accepting orders for yogurt & cheese


First time customers only, Try us out!  For just $40, get two entrees to be served warm, 2 meal salads, and a small Greek style artisan cultured yogurt!

Order at or call us at (519) 878-3387


6 delicious and nutritious meals, prepared with care.  A mix of warm entrees, soups, and meal salads.  Menu for the week posted on Mondays


Order at or call us at (519) 878-3387

plant based staples

Artisan Cultured Yogurt $8.50

500ml of Creamy Greek Style Cashew Artisan Cultured Yogurt, great for both savoury dishes and with fruit for breakfast.  This one's a game changer!


Miss Cheese?  Us too!   We offer everything from cream cheese to aged smoked cheddar, made from home cultured cashews or organic soy, each one bursting with cheesy flavour.  

See weekly offers, or ask for your favourite!

Having a Party?

Let's talk!  We can do special orders for healthy treats to bring everyone together at the table