Cheese Was the Final Frontier...

Does Cheese still call your name?


When asked what they miss the most, Plant-Based and lactose intolerant folks, alike, both say CHEESE!

But, for Green Goddess, the commercially available vegan cheeses were either completely unpalatable, or full of ingredients that we didn't want to eat, or both.

Feeling solidly confident that our cheeses are heads and shoulders above what is available on shelves, we are prepared to offer a fine selection of vegan cheeses at select retailers.

What Kinds of Cheese do we make?


Our cheeses are made in small batches, with organic ingredients.  

Some cheeses are cashew based, others are organic soy based, but all are cultured and ripened to perfection.

Aged Irish Cheddar

Funktastic Blue

Smoke & Stout

Peppercorn Chevre

Melty Mozzarella

Apricot Stilton

Cranberry Stilton

Menage a Trois

Moo-no-lette (Sharp Cheddar)

Drunken Goat

Available in 200g portions or by the wheel

Having a Party?


Special Occasion?  Want to dazzle your guests?  

Here's what past Green Goddess Cheese Customers have had to say:

"We LOVED it!!! My boyfriend and I are vegan, and of course we loved it, but our 4 guests aren't vegan and they were raving about it too and loved it.  It's going to be my go-to for parties"


"The Blue is Ultra Amazing!  Better than dairy based Blue"


"All of my birthdays come at once... the amazing @greengoddessguelph just dropped off my latest binge.  Beautiful Vegan Blue cheese"